Traveling with a child or a baby? Trans Air Congo has several solutions to make your trip as smooth as possible.


  • Order a private transfer from your home to the airport (free in business class) when you purchase your ticket. This service helps our passengers start their journey in comfort.
  • Check in online the day before your departure and print your boarding pass.
  • Thanks to this service, go to the check-in counter ‘baggage drop-off’.
  • Please note that all families traveling have priority access to boarding.

  • TIPS

    • When traveling, a baby must always be accompanied by an independent passenger of legal age (the accompanying person may be under 18 years of age if it is the father, mother or legal guardian).
    • A passenger can only accompany one baby – a second accompanying person is therefore required to travel with the second baby.
    • Before departure, please make sure that your child has all the documents required by the immigration and customs authorities of the destination country.
    • Travel is not recommended for babies during the first 7 days after birth.
    • If your baby has a cold, do not travel.
    • Choose comfortable, warm clothing (sweaters and socks).
    • If your child is undergoing treatment or is prone to motion sickness, don’t forget his health record and his medication.
    • Don’t forget to bring his diaper change kit (diapers, cotton, bottles).
    • During take-off and landing, give your baby a pacifier, a bottle, a soother or a cookie that will prevent him from feeling discomfort in his eardrums.
    • Pack enough bottles and food for the trip.
    • Make sure your baby drinks plenty of water during the flight.


    LeThe baby has a baggage allowance of 10 kg (with electronic tickets).

    You can also carry a stroller free of charge (maximum size 15 cm x 30 cm x 100 cm).

    The stroller may be accepted in the cabin subject to availability in the baggage compartments.


    LaThe care of children traveling alone is different depending on their age and destination. It can be :

    • mandatory and free of charge,
    • mandatory and subject to a supplement included in the ticket price
    • or optional and subject to a fee.

    Book your ticket online and prepare your check-in

    With TRANS AIR CONGO, you can prepare serenely your child’s trip and avoid any last minute stress at the airport. To do this, we recommend that you complete in advance his or her “unaccompanied minor” travel file, which will be requested at check-in. You can :

    • Download this file automatically pre-filled when booking online,
    • Or download the ‘Unaccompanied Children Form’ directly here for printing.

    Please print this file (single-sided only) before going to the airport.

    Checking in at the airport

    For children traveling alone, check-in is only done at the airport.

    • Your child must be in possession of all the documents required by the laws and regulations in force (a valid photo ID and, if necessary, an authorization to leave the country, a visa and a vaccination certificate).
    • It is imperative to wait for the departure of the plane before leaving the airport.

    Care throughout the trip

    Upon arrival, your child will be accompanied to the person you have designated to meet him/her. This person must arrive at the airport at the scheduled landing time and must have photo identification.


    Do not hesitate to order your private transfer from your home to the airport (free in Business class) for more comfort

    Check in online to ease the waiting time at the airport

    Tips for your trip ?


    • Choose loose, comfortable clothing.
    • Wear compression tights to help with blood circulation.
    • Move around frequently. Reserve an aisle seat so you can get up more easily.
    • Drink regularly, but avoid carbonated beverages.
    • Also avoid heavy meals.
    • Fasten the seat belt under the abdomen in the pelvic area.
    • Avoid traveling during the last month of pregnancy and for 7 days after giving birth.


    Your mobility is reduced because of a handicap (motor, visual, auditory or mental) or because of your age or an illness? TRANS AIR CONGO offers you a set of services. Simplicity of reservation, accompaniment and assumption of responsibility of your luggage, easy route to the airport, delivery of your luggage.


    Book your flight ticket online

    We recommend that you book your ticket and inform us of your disability at least 48 hours before your departure.. You can either :

    • Contact TRANS AIR CONGO by phone: consult the phone number by country by clicking here
    • Go to your usual travel agency.

    For adults

    Are you motorically handicapped? You can travel without a security assistant if you are able to physically contribute to your own evacuation

    Are you mentally challenged? You can travel without a safety assistant if you are able to understand and follow safety instructions. If these conditions are not met, you must have a companion, a safety assistant.

    Do you have a sensory impairment? Only people who are both blind and deaf need a safety assistant.

    For children

    Your child is :

    • with a motor disability: if he or she can physically contribute to his or her own evacuation, he or she may travel as an unaccompanied minor taken care of by Air France.
    • mentally or sensory impaired: he/she can travel as an unaccompanied minor taken in charge by TRANS AIR CONGO if he/she is able to understand and apply the safety instructions.
    • The accompanying person…
    • must be of age and autonomous*,
    • cannot take care of a passenger with reduced mobility at the same time as :
    • a child under 4 years of age (national),
    • a child under 5 years old (international),
    • another passenger with reduced mobility.

    * Except in special cases. For more information, please contact TRANS AIR CONGO agents.

    Medical agreement

    An agreement will be requested if:

    • if you travel on a stretcher or in an incubator,
    • if your health condition may require unusual medical assistance during the flight,
    • if you require therapeutic oxygen during the flight at a flow rate greater than 2 l/min.
    • if you have a contagious disease

    How to obtain medical approval

    • Your attending physician must complete a Medical Information Form (MEDIF).


    Do you use a wheelchair ?

    You must specify at the time of booking :

    • the type of wheelchair you have: electric/manual, folding/non-folding,
    • its weight and its complete dimensions in folded position in the following order: length x width x height,
    • the nature of the batteries on electric wheelchairs (dry or wet).


    Getting to and from the airport

    No one can accompany you or pick you up at the airport? You can call upon 2 transportation and personal service companies. Their coordinates will be communicated to you by the TRANS AIR CONGO agent at the time of reservation.

    Help with check-in

    On the outbound trip, we advise you to arrive at the airport 2 hours before your flight’s departure time. To facilitate your orientation and save you time, specific signage has been put in place in some airports. Your luggage is taken care of at check-in. The agent who collects it on arrival will be able to easily identify your luggage thanks to your stub numbers.

    Taking care of your wheelchair

    Are you traveling in a wheelchair? Several options are available, depending on the airport’s infrastructure, the size of your wheelchair and the type of plane you are taking.

    • Option 1: Upon check-in, your wheelchair is checked in, protected and placed in the hold. You will be provided with a wheelchair from the assistance company until you are installed on board.
    • Option 2: You keep your wheelchair until you reach the boarding lounge. It will then be transported in the hold and you will be installed in a wheelchair provided by the assistance company until you are installed on board.
    • Option 3: You have requested to take your own (folding) wheelchair in the cabin. It will be stored in the baggage compartment*. The transport of your own chair is free of charge (within the limit of 1 chair).

    * Ask about the conditions for this service when you make your reservation.

    In the hold: baggage and mobility equipment

    Do you need to transport medical equipment? In addition to the baggage allowance associated with your ticket, you can carry 1 personal mobility device (wheelchair, electric scooter, gyro scooter, etc.) free of charge.

    Priority boarding

    If you have a mental disability and you are unaccompanied or if you are in a wheelchair, TRANS AIR CONGO offers you priority boarding.

    This allows you to settle down serenely before the arrival of the other passengers and to meet the crew.

    You have another handicap and wish to benefit from this service? It is possible, just ask our agents.

    On arrival

    For more serenity, we suggest that you leave the plane after all other passengers. Upon arrival, your luggage and your wheelchair (if it has been placed in the hold) are delivered to you as a priority.

    Assistance companies can accompany you to your place of residence. Our TRANS AIR CONGO agents can provide you with the contact information of the assistance companies.


    Installation and movements on board

    People with Reduced Mobility are the object of particular attention and are installed in seats easier to access (armrests).

    • Our aircraft are also equipped with a transfer chair (CTB), making it easier to move around the airport.


    If you need to travel with medical assistance, please contact your travel agency TRANS AIR CONGO to know the steps to follow.