Congo, a country with an area of 342,000 km2 and a population of nearly 4 million inhabitants, is renowned for its hospitality and tropical climate.




2 flights per day between Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire

1 flight per week between Congo and Benin

1 flight per week between Congo and Cameroon


Official language: French
Two national languages are widely spoken: Lingala (in Brazzaville and the northern part of the country)
and Kitouba (in Pointe-Noire and in the South)

Time difference :

Local time: GMT + 1
Six hours ahead of New York (time difference)

Climate :

There are two seasons in Congo: the rainy season (October to April) and the dry season (May to September). However, it is rare to have average temperatures below 20°C.

Currency and Exchange Rates :

The monetary unit is the CFA franc.
The parity is fixed with the EURO (€)
1 Euro = 656 F CFA; or 15€ = 10 000 F CFA.
Currency exchange can be done in banks and in most hotels.


Medical and Hospital Care :

Hospitals in Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire offer a majority of expected services.

The main hospitals in the country are :

The University Hospital Center (CHU)
The Blanche-Gomez Maternity Hospital
The Makélékélé Hospital Centre
Talangaï Hospital Centre
The Central Hospital of the Armed Forces (Military Hospital of Brazzaville)

The private clinics are :

Netcare Clinic

Guenin Clinic

Securex Clinic (specialized in medical emergencies and EMS)

Holidays to remember :

New Year’s Day (January 1st)
May 1st: International Labor Day
August 15: Independence Day – Anniversary of the 3 Glorieuses (August 13, 14, 15 1960)
November 1st : TOUSSAINTS (Day of the Dead)
December 25: CHRISTMAS (Children’s Day)
March 18: Day of Supreme Sacrifice (Assassination of President Marien Ngouabi)
05 June: Beginning of the civil war
October 15: End of the civil war, victory of the United Democratic Forces






This is the largest wildlife park in Congo: elephants, lions, monkeys, antelopes, buffaloes, all species or almost all are presented. In addition to the park, there is the wildlife reserve of Lekoli – Pandanka and the Mboko area. Access to the park is a bit complicated because the road is not completely paved, but you can get there by plane from Brazzaville, count about 2 hours.

The best periods to visit Odzala are the two dry seasons, from June to September, and from December to February. The best thing about this place is its exclusivity: only 12 lucky people can stay at the same time in each of the 2 lodges of the park and live in the heart of this place.


More information about Odzala Park by clicking here


surfing in pointe noire


Pointe-Noire is a paradise for surfers and body-boarders, but beware that on some days the sea is dangerous. The most famous beaches of the city of the city for this activity are : Pointe Kunda, Cote Sauvage and if you have the motivation, 45 minutes from the city, go surfing on the waves of M’Vassa.



Located 20km from Pointe Noire, Diossi is home to spectacular gorges. A trekking tour is available to visit the gorges with local guides. Bring good walking shoes! Do not hesitate to end your day with a local fish by the sea in the small restaurants of the Pointe.

Book your trekking by calling our guide Gael at 056653555 or 056661173






The National Museum


It is the ideal place to know the history of the country in order to understand it better. This space is dedicated to the safeguard of the Congolese Cultural and Artistic Heritage. You will find there not only art and craft objects, ritual objects, but also all other objects, documents and sites evoking the whole life of the Congolese societies of the past.

The School of Painting of Poto-Poto

Founded by the Frenchman Pierre Lods in 1951, this school of painting has acquired a reputation that extends beyond the borders of the Congo and even the entire continent. The space houses both a training facility and a cooperative of artists who in turn advise budding painters. The atmosphere is great.

Stop by the Total market

After major renovations, the largest market in Brazzaville, located in its second district, Bacongo, has been given a makeover. Nearly 3000 merchants are waiting for you. You will find everything from tech products, fruits, medicines, good clothes, “African” fabrics…

Crossing the Congo River

To discover Kinshasa and its streets. Brazzaville and Kinshasa are the two closest capitals of independent countries in the world.

And the best for the end, meet new people

Over a local drink in a bar with Ndombolo music in the background. The most important thing is to meet other people.




The Sossi Waterfall


A true wonder of nature, the waterfalls of Sossi consist of a waterfall that impresses more than one visitor. Sossi is a village located 18 kilometers from Dolisie, in the district of Louvakou, department of Niari. Many tourists and curious people coming from Dolisie, Pointe Noire or Europe often go to contemplate this site which is still managed in an artisanal way. Thus, based on Law No. 8-2010 of July 26, 2010 on the protection of national heritage, cultural and natural, the Departmental Director of Heritage and Archives in Niari, Jean Jacques Mboungou, has raised awareness among the population of the village Sossi on the modalities of involvement of the State in the management of heritage sites.


The Saras


A very friendly village, with its famous perched huts, the Saras is located in the Mayombe forest. Trekking is available as well as the famous tube ride down the river! A great experience awaits you.

Our guide will pick you up in the early morning, and bring you to his hostel in Les Sara. Enjoy a nice meal and even try bush meat if you’re so inclined.

ON THE WILD ROAD BY ESI (Endangered Species Congo)


A short stay and an ecotourism formula that allows to combine tourism development and preservation of the quality of the territories.
The stay offers the discovery of the forest and its riches in the company of former hunters who have become guides or porters.
You will participate in the development of a community and in the preservation of protected species, such as the western lowland gorilla, which you may have the chance to observe in its natural environment.

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