This African country has many surprises in store for backpackers: its equatorial forests and nature reserves make Cameroon one of the favorite African destinations for nature lovers.



1 flight per week between Congo and Cameroon




Official languages: French and English
24 major African language groups are also available

Time difference :

Local time :  GMT + 1
Eight hours more in Tokyo (time difference)

Miscellaneous info :


Climate :

Rainfall levels vary considerably from region to region: barely enough to irrigate crops in the far north, it frequently exceeds 500 cm per year in the southwest, towards Mount Cameroon. In the north, the rainy season lasts from June to September.

In the south, light rains begin in March and April, then give way to torrential rains from May to November. The humidity is at its highest in July and August. From March to May, the hottest period, the average temperature is around 30°C in Yaoundé. Douala is more temperate but also more humid. During this period, it is easily 40°C in the north.

Currency and exchange rate :

The monetary unit is the CFA franc.
The parity is fixed with the EURO (€)
1 Euro = 656 F CFA; i.e. 15€ = 10 000 F CFA.
Currency exchange can be done in banks and in most hotels.


Medical and Hospital Care :

Clinics and hospitals in Yaoundé

General Hospital (even at night) Tel: 22 20 28 02 / 22 20 11 22 / Central Hospital

Central Hospital Tel 22 23 40 20 Daytime. Avoid night time unless prior contact is made

CNPS Hospital Tel 22 23 02 25 Especially for pediatrics, ENT, Ophthalmology Clinics


Medical-surgical: Dr. Noundou (visceral surgery) Tel: 22 22 11 10

Edou: medical hospitalizations and interventions (appendicitis, hernias) Tel: 22 20 18 56

Fouda: medical hospitalizations Tel: 22 22 93 68

Cabinet de la Cathédrale: radiology, gastroenterology, consultations Tel: 22 23 34 53


Dr Tankoua-Sunou Tél : 22 21 95 22

Dr. Edmée Esoh-Tchale Tel: 22 21 21 95 CMS (medical-social center of the French Embassy): associative status Registration: 10 000 Fcfa (15€24), 30 000 Fcfa (45€73) for non-French citizens. The consultation is 15 000 Fcfa (22€86).


Holidays to remember:

New Year’s Day (January 1st)

Youth Day (February 11)

Good Friday

Labor Day (May 1st)

Ascension, National Day (May 20)

Assumption, Christmas (December 25)







Once a sleepy colonial town, Yaoundé has transformed into a bustling metropolis with a tangle of streets winding up and down its hills.


Surprisingly temperate, it has fascinating museums and, in another genre, is a master of the art of grilled chicken. Visit the artisanal center, a huge tent where local artisans come to exhibit their wares.

In the evening, the Messa, Mokolo and Brickworks neighborhoods, a few kilometers northwest of downtown, are full of small restaurants that prepare the best grilled chicken in the country.

Don’t miss a visit to the Cameroonian Art Museum in the Benedictine monastery, located a few kilometers north of downtown. Although relatively small, it has one of the finest collections of Cameroonian art in the world, including masks, bowls and bronze Bamoum pipes. The chapel of the monastery is also adorned with beautiful pieces of fabric and handicrafts. Near Mount Febe, the monastery is accessible by bus or cab from downtown.

A few kilometers west of the center, the Melen district houses the Museum of Negro Art, which exhibits Bamoum pipes from the northwest of the country, Ivorian Baoule fabrics and Congolese-Zairian masks, as well as objects from Algeria and Ethiopia. This neighborhood also contains the parish of N’Djong Melen, a church where on Sunday mornings open-air masses are celebrated that are worth a visit: the service, in Ewondo, lasts for more than two hours to the rhythm of drums, dances and songs.

In the southwest of the country, Yaoundé is located some 200 km from the Atlantic coast and the southern border.



The Akwa Palace Hotel, in the center of town, a few meters southeast of the Wouri River, is ideal for enjoying breakfast on the terrace.To find beautiful handicrafts, visit the Centre Artisanal de Douala, an open-air market halfway between the Akwa Palace and the City Hall.

You can also climb Mount Cameroon, a 1-hour drive west of Douala, which is a great experience !

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Although it has become somewhat touristy, Foumban remains one of the country’s main sites and an important center for traditional African art.

The Royal Palace, the seat of Bamoum power, is a must-see. The ancestors of the Bamoum chief, or sultan, date back to 1394. This palace, completed in 1917, is decorated with turrets reminiscent of a medieval castle. It houses the Royal Museum, where royal finery, coats of arms, musical instruments, statues, jewelry, masks and richly decorated thrones, carved to the size of their illustrious owner, are displayed.

A hundred meters south of the palace, see the Museum of Bamoum Arts and Traditions. Dedicated to Bamoum history and art, it exhibits a very rich collection of cooking utensils, musical instruments, pipes, statues, masks, gongs, and a finely carved xylophone.


Buea and Mount Cameroon


An hour northwest of Douala, Buea, the starting point for the ascent of Mount Cameroon (4,094 m) , enjoys a cooler climate. The Mountain Hotel has an old-fashioned English charm. Feel free to come in and relax with a cold drink.

The trails on Mount Cameroon run through both thick equatorial forests and vast sub-alpine meadows. The climb is not particularly difficult. The 27 km round trip can be done in one day for a good hiker. Most travelers, however, spend a night in one of the chalets above 2000 m. Keep in mind that although the temperature may be around 20°C on the plains, it can easily drop below zero at the summit. Make sure you have the right equipment.

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Waza National Park


Although located in a flat, scrubby area with no particular character, this national park is among the most spectacular in Central Africa.

Hundreds of pachyderms regularly gather around the famous elephant pond. Lions, giraffes, hippos, antelopes, colobus, baboons and other monkeys can also be seen. The park is also home to many bird species, including hornbills, ostriches, crowned cranes, herons and storks.

The best time to observe the park is between March and May, in other words during the warmer months. It takes at least 3 hours to drive to Elephant Pond from the northwest entrance, a few kilometers south of Waza village. This is in the extreme north of the country, close to the Niger border (to the west) and the Chad border (to the east). It is forbidden to sleep in the park. You can camp at the entrance or stay in Waza.

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 With its long, white sandy beaches, Kribi is a popular resort for weekenders in Douala.

Push on to the charming little fishing villages nearby, which also serve excellent seafood dishes. If possible, stop in Eboundja (20 km south) and Londji (24 km north). The latter borders a huge bay of pristine sand dotted with palm trees. They do not offer any accommodation, but they do offer a few hours of idle time in paradise, which can be concluded with a grilled fish and a glass of palm wine shared with the locals. From Douala, you can reach Kribi in 2 hours by bush cab.

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Korup National Park


Korup National Park is the latest national park in Cameroon and covers the oldest and most diverse part of the country’s equatorial forest.


In addition to the impressive number of species of primates and birds that live there, it contains an exceptional fauna and multiple varieties of plants, some discovered very recently. One can admire swarms of multicolored butterflies in the light that pierces through the trees, while monkeys jump quietly from branch to branch. Be sure to bring humidity resistant equipment as the humidity level is close to 100%. Located in the far west of the country, along the Nigerian border and not far from Mundemba, it is 150 km northwest of Douala. You can get there by bush cab.


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