A country of tales and legends, going to Benin means going to discover many things. A country that stretches from north to south over some 800 km, which allows you to discover, even during a relatively short stay, different aspects of the country, its culture and its landscapes.




1 flight per week between Congo and Benin




Official language: French

Other languages spoken : Fon and Yoruba in southern Benin and six main tribal languages in the north

Business language(s) : English

Time difference :

Local time: GMT + 1
Eight hours more in Tokyo (time difference)

Info Diverse :


Climate :

There are four seasons in Benin: Two wet seasons (February to May and September to December) and two dry seasons (May to September and December to January). However, it is rare to have average temperatures below 21°C.

The climate of the country, located in an intertropical zone, is generally hot and humid, with seasonal and geographical nuances linked to the latitude, the relief and the alternation of the seasons

Currency and Exchange Rate :

1 XOF = 0.0017 USD, 1 USD = 599.3896 XOF
1 XOF = 0.0015 EUR, 1 EUR = 655.9570 XOF

Currency exchange can be done in Banks and in most hotels.


Medical and Hospital Care :


Abomey Hospital

COTONOU and its surroundings

  • Alafia Hospital
  • Ave Maria Hospital
  • Brown Private Hospital
  • Dary Jeanne Medical Office
  • Cabinet Medical le Sacre Coeur
  • Sainte Therese Medical and Social Center
  • Cabinet de Soins St Jeans de Dieu
  • Cabinet de Sonte la Philanthrope
  • Central Medical Les Palmiers
  • Delivery and Care Center
  • National University Hospital Center
  • National Hospital Center of Pneumo-Phtisiology
  • Atlantic Clinic
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic
  • Kauzipate Clinic
  • Cococodj Dispensary
  • Ong Aide Humanitare
  • Ong Espoir Vidomegon Health Center
  • Polyclinic les Cocotiers


  • Ahmadiyya Hospital Parakou
  • Parakou Hospital


  • Amadiyya Hospital Porto Novo
  • Louis Pasteur Clinic
  • Djéregbé Hospital



January 1st: New Year’s Day

January 10: Vodoun Festival

March 28 April 16 / 17 : Easter Monday

May 1st: Labor Day

16 May 16 / 5 June 17: Whit Monday

August 1st: National Day

August 15: Assumption Day

November 1st: All Saints’ Day

December 25: Christmas

Estimated variable date in September: Ramadan

Estimated variable date in November: Tabaski






Lagoons and beaches lined with coconut trees in the south, gentle hills planted with savannah trees in the center, arid mountains in the north … Benin offers an amazing summary of African landscapes.
But its richness is especially its immense cultural heritage, its varied traditions (a good forty ethnic groups), its dense and tumultuous history, well before the colonial presence.



This city represents the origins of this country so rich with its kings, its Amazons, its royal administration which was very well organized.

Former seat of the powerful eponymous kingdom, a city which knew a golden age and whose history remains fascinating; numerous vestiges: royal palaces, colonial houses…





Between the handicraft market, the second-hand clothes at Missebo and the Tokpa market, Cotonou offers many hotels and bars. The Jammin Bar, known for its terrace and its food is a very friendly place. New York New York, an institution of Beninese dance not to be missed. Finally, for fans of reggae and jazz, the Yes Papa is a must for live music.




At the foot of a small mountain range, a pleasant town where several ethnic groups live together.




A mixed culture and architecture: Brazilian, Portuguese and colonial; a decaying historical heritage, with an outdated charm; land of Vodoun.

Every year, the Voodoo festival takes place on January 10th. Celebrated throughout the country, Ouidah is the epicenter. The city is then lined with numerous voodoo temples recognizable by their white flag, the color of the cult.

To attend ceremonies, you can ask the guides of the Portuguese Fort or of the sacred forest, or ask in advance in the travel agencies of Cotonou.

Don’t hesitate to visit the endless white sand beaches a few kilometers from the city.




One of the most remarkable tourist attractions of Benin and one of the most beautiful reserves of West Africa, where animals roam freely: elephants, lions, hippos, crocodiles…




The coasts of the Gulf of Guinea are very rich in fish and are ideal for fishing. Several types of fishing are practiced depending on the region: casting, surf-casting, trolling, big game fishing. Those who are passionate about the reel or the rod as well as those who like fresh fish will be particularly welcome. You can find: swordfish, tuna, thiofs, captains, barracudas, jacks, hake…


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COTONOU: The Zinsou foundation

PORTO NOVO: The Adandé ethnographic museum and the Songhai center

OUIDAH: The historical museum and the slave road (at the exit of the city)

ABOMEY: The palaces of the kings of Abomey